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Senior Cloud Engineer- Platform Developer (f,m,x)



Software Engineering
Germany · Remote
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023
Graylog: Empowering Threat Detection & Incident Response Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology
Graylog specialises in delivering top-notch Threat Detection & Incident Response (TDIR) solutions, backed by our latest addition, the Graylog API security platform. As a renowned centralised log management (CLM) and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) provider, we offer unparalleled fast and efficient log analysis capabilities in critical areas such as security, compliance, operations, and DevOps.
Our enterprise solution enables organisations globally to capture, store, and analyse terabytes of machine data in near-real time while our open-source product has been deployed in more than 50,000 installations worldwide, empowering individuals and small teams to perform basic log consolidation, analysis, and search functions at no cost.
We're a remote-friendly company with locations in Hamburg, Munich, London, Boulder, and headquarters in Houston, TX. If you live near an office and want to be part of said office great. Nearish to an office and want to have the ability to hot desk? No problem, and if you're not near an office and wish to work remotely, all good!
Several recent achievements for Graylog have been we were included in the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, 2023 Gold Globee award for cyber security & DevOps, and most recently we took home two of the most prestigious cybersecurity awards in SIEM and DevSecOps from Cyber Defence Magazine at RSA this year.
Who we’re looking for;
We’re currently recruiting for a Senior Cloud Engineer- Platform Developer to join our multinational cloud services team.
As a Senior Cloud Engineer- Platform Developer here at Graylog you will design and develop our scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure platform with a focus on delivering a product that is highly available, resilient, secure, scalable, cost-efficient, and consistently delivers valuable outcomes to consumers.
Our Cloud Engineers/ Platform Developers work with state-of-the-art technologies as we ensure you have the right tools to make a significant impact in managing our systems and to drive their continuous improvement while shaping the future of our cloud strategy.
We believe that the best ideas can come from anywhere, and we value your input and initiative. Here, you will not just be a guardian of our infrastructure; you’ll be an innovator, a problem-solver, and a leader.
You will have the opportunity to collaborate and influence our product, software development, SRE, support, and pre-sales organizations to ensure that they are equipped with top-notch cloud-engineering knowledge enabling them to make better decisions in the development of our cloud offerings.
This role is a full-time permanent position based in either the UK or Germany and will report to our Director, Cloud based in Germany.

Additional responsibilities will include but are not limited to;

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Creating pull requests (PRs) to introduce changes to our AWS+Terraform+Kubernetes architecture, supporting new application functionality with additional infrastructure components and subsystems.
  • Security & Compliance: Implementing security measures, auditing the cloud environment, and ensuring adherence to compliance standards.
  • Cost Improvements: Auditing our cloud expenses, suggesting, and implementing improvements that positively affect our ability to provide customers with the best service without compute waste.
  • Issue Resolution: Collaborating with teams to identify and resolve infrastructure-related issues and developing long term solutions.
  • Cloud Strategy Advocacy: Championing cloud strategies that align with and advance our business objectives, especially during pitch cycles and other planning meetings.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Connecting with software, cloud, SRE, and support engineers, documenting key decisions where possible and ensuring critical knowledge isn’t siloed into a single spot in the organization.

What you can expect your first 12 months will look like;

  • Platform Codebase Knowledge- Within the first 3 months, acquire an understanding of and submit an approved peer-reviewed pull request (APRPR) for each of the following technologies: Terraform, Flux, Kustomize, Helm, and Argo Workflows.
  • Feature Improvements: In the first 3-6 months, deliver a POC for a new solution expanding our platform capabilities i.e. design and add a new query engine, migrate k8s workers to another CPU architecture, or adapt the k8s workers to utilize Spot instance where possible for minimizing costs.
  • Security and Compliance: In the first 6-12 months, contribute to at least one of the following: AWS Product and Architecture Review, SOC 2 compliance review, Disaster Recovery (DR) plan review and drill, Security Penetration Test (Pen Test) review and remediation.

Little bit about you;

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Proficiency in managing cloud infrastructures, especially AWS, along with associated tools like Terraform and Kubernetes, ensuring high availability, scalability, and resilience.
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Hands-on experience with IaC tools and techniques, including configuration management and cloud provisioning, and release management of an IaC for Terraform, Helm, Flux, Kustomize, and Argo Workflows.
  • Software Development: Programming skills in at least one language, such as Python, for tool development and automation tasks.
  • Security Best Practices: Knowledge of security protocols and compliance requirements specific to cloud environments, with experience in implementing security measures.
  • Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution: Experience in diagnosing and resolving infrastructure-related issues, working closely with development and support teams.
  • Monitoring and Metrics: Familiarity with cloud monitoring tools and performance metrics (Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana) to assess the stability, performance, and cost impact of solutions you develop.
  • CI/CD Practices: Understanding of continuous integration and deployment practices for efficient and reliable IaC releases.
  • Documentation & Communication: Ability to document technical processes clearly and effectively communicate architectural decisions and changes to various stakeholders.

Just some of the reasons why to join Graylog;

  • Management team with deep programming, technical, and product experience.
  • Opportunity to work with a globally distributed and diverse team.
  • Grow and develop professionally and personally in a fast-growing environment.
  • Choice of the latest equipment to help you succeed.
  • Monthly allowance to support your commute costs and support outfitting your work-from-home environment.
Here at Graylog, you'll find a diverse group of experienced professionals who love to have fun while meeting the needs of our customers with the best solution and customer service available.
Our values;
Openness- As a global company, we encourage our people to bring their backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives to our collective work. We lead with integrity and are committed to doing what is best for the Graylog community.
Collaboration- Through mutual respect, trust, and candid communication across all teams, we deliver the best ideas and results.
Useful Innovation- We take calculated risks to find new ways to innovate. By continuously improving ourselves, processes, and technologies, we deliver the best solution for our customers.
Ownership- As owners, we take the initiative to solve internal and external problems while supporting peer success and holding ourselves accountable for delivering the best work. We do this from a place of high trust.
Do the Right Thing!- Comfort and safety come from knowing that everyone will do the right thing, even when nobody's looking.
For further information please submit an application and a member of the Graylog People Team will be in touch.